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Why Your Ex’s Are Called That

When you break up with someone they are called your EXfor a reason ! Let them stay where they need to be because giving them another chance to fix when there has been nothing there to fix in a long time . Leave them ALONE and once they see what they are losing they will regret it because the next one won’t be so good to them as you were to them . 

I Am Running ” After You ” ?

Really? Guys act like you actually need them .. I wasn’t the one who was calling my phone and texting saying ” I don’t want us hating each other for the rest of our lives “, no your the only one that was gonna hate me because I didn’t have nothing against you. So I’m sorry that I’m not giving you what you want, how about this you go find another easy girls that’s gonna suck your dick when you fucking have a fit . Trying to make things better between you and your ex is bullshit .. It’s a reason they are called your EX for a reason they in your past so let them stay there !

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